Tess Parks

Tess is a true believer in the church of rock’n’roll. She’s got great taste and is really sharp. I got lucky again!
– Alan McGee

Tess Parks is a musician and photographer born and raised in Toronto. The granddaughter and daughter of musicians and an art school dropout, she moved to London at seventeen years of age to pursue music and to study photography. She has played as a solo act for the past four years between the UK and Canada.

After overstaying her visit in London, she reluctantly moved back to Toronto on the advice from one of her heroes. Once home, she put together her amazing psychedelic backing band of “sexy and talented musicians”, The Good People, in late 2012, compromising gifted guitarist Andrew McGill, bassist Thomas Huhtala and her record’s producer and multi-instrumentalist Thomas Paxton-Beesley.

Tess Parks     Tess Parks

Early in 2013, she released a self-funded EP Work All Day/Up All Night, which was recorded in Toronto. At the same time, Tess began demoing songs for what will become her debut album, which were also available via Bandcamp.

“I was brought up on Bob Dylan and Nirvana and The Beatles and Rolling Stones and Zeppelin and all that good shit,” says Tess. She’s hung out with the likes of the Dandy Warhols and met Alan McGee in London. “We stayed in touch, that was it really. I just got so lucky,” adds Tess. “I love Oasis, Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine… He’s affiliated with all of my favourite musicians.”

Tess describes her songs as “lo-fi alternative drones with a hypnotic vibe”. Another of her influences is Elliott Smith. Indeed, Tess is organizing and performing at a tribute night dedicated to the late musician at the Handlebar, Toronto on August 6.

Tess Parks’s as-yet-unnamed debut album is due out in November 2013. “It’s like the project that my whole life has been leading up to,” explains Tess. “I think it’s gonna be really special. I’m just the happiest I have ever been. I have the best band, they’re my best friends. It’s just so good to be alive. Music is the greatest.”

Tess’ album is scheduled for release in November. Find her on:

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