‘Winterwind’ (single to be released on 7th April 2014)

“Parisian pop music at its best, as loved by Daft Punk” – Alan McGee


Elegant and cool, French indietronica artist Sourya somehow found himself hailed as the brightest future of new electro-pop. Back in 2009, critics swooned over Sourya’s “Daft Punk meets Brian Wilson” concept, encapsulated on debut album Dawdlewalk. The new decade looked fantastic. But then Sourya’s got distracted by parenthood and record business disillusionment. Undaunted, he worked on songs for other artists (Sporto Kantes, Dombrance, Call Me Senor) and played on a unique, otherworldly night with an orchestra.

 In the ensuing half-decade, Sourya worked on new ideas. The resulting down-tempo music oscillates in its lyrical mood between hope, acceptance and loss, achieving a musical richness with only minimal shifts of instrumentation. There is a simple but majestic quality in ‘Winterwind’, issued as a limited EP at the end of 2012 in France. It’s a delicate song of subtle nuances, betraying Sourya’s love of Ennio Morricone’s romanticism. ‘Winterwind’ is now reworked for release through 359 Music in 2014, with a second single ‘My Enemy’ to follow.

 You don’t have to spend long listening to Sourya’s music to understand why he is considered as a true songwriter and a magnificent singer by big names (One of the two robots advised on Sourya’s arrangements). Sourya will tour as a two-piece band later this year. Expect fat beats, analogue synths and heartbroken songs enveloped in a minimal approach.


Twitter: @sourya_band

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