Pete MacLeod

Pete is a rock’n’roll star, his next single is the first sign of greatness. I love the guy and his music, he’s a truly genuine talent and a lovely bloke.”
– Alan McGee

Pete’s star has been rising for some time now, with tours supporting the likes of Ocean Colour Scene and headline shows joined by former Oasis guitarist Bonehead. Before signing with 359 Music, this acclaimed Glaswegian singer/songwriter/guitarist has remained fiercely independent, releasing his music through his ModRock Music label. Back in the day, Pete performed under the name of thestar69, before eventually deciding to present himself as simply Pete MacLeod.

The news is this is a great record!
– Billy Sloan (Radio Clyde, Daily Record)

Pete MacLeod      Pete MacLeod

In 2012, Pete performed throughout the UK, headlining show’s at Glasgow’s King Tut’s and supporting acts at many of the O2 Academies up and down the country. Pete has also showcased his talents in and around California (one of his EPs was entitled Glasgow Keeps Me Real, California Lets Me Heal) as well as playing in Hamburg, Germany, where The Beatles – one of Pete’s biggest influences – once cut their teeth.

Uplifting guitar pop courtesy of a Scottish troubadour…
– Paul Rees (ex-Q magazine editor)

Pete’s forthcoming single “Rolling Stone” has already been championed by BBC Radio Scotland’s Janice Forsyth and by ‘The voice of New Music in Scotland’, Jim Gellatly. BBC Radio 2’s Janice Long announced her love for Pete’s music by describing him as “absolutely amazing” and choosing one of Pete’s songs for her “Janice loves” slot. Meanwhile, Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe invited MacLeod out to his studio in Berlin to record some of Pete’s songs together.

“Fantastic music from a fantastic songwriter and that’s why Pete’s song is our single of the month”
– Janice Forsyth (BBC Radio Scotland)

“I grew up listening to all sorts of music inspired by the records that my father would play”, explains Pete. “I loved The Beatles, John Lennon, Buddy Holly, the Stones, the Kinks, and then the 90’s came along and Kurt Cobain changed a lot for music. He inspired me to pick a guitar up for the first time after watching “Smells Like Teen Spirit” on MTV. All the guitar bands that followed from that movement played a special part in me knowing what I had a passion for. ‘Real music’.” Pete is currently finishing off his debut LP Rolling Stone for 359 Music.

“It takes somebody a bit special to make me pick up the guitar and get on stage. Pete’s songs are special and he’s a great person.”
– “Bonehead”

Rolling Stone is scheduled for release in November.  You can pre-order the digital single exclusively from iTunes by clicking here

3 thoughts on “Pete MacLeod

  1. What a guy Pete! Your a true talent and a class act. You show them how it’s done buddy. Can’t wait to buy the singles and album.

  2. I’m in for the full album too! * Nirvana was the last great American popular band. Unfortunately that was 20 years ago.

  3. Hey Pete, Looking forward to the concert. Your tunes are infectious and can take you the full way. I find them current and think I’ve been infected. Keep The Dream Alive, Pete!

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