Imagine an electro pop outfit who hail from Paris and Dublin and cite as their influences Talking Heads, Pixies, Syd Barrett, Kraftwerk, Gainsbourg, The Beach Boys and Béla Bartók. That’s the vision behind Mineral – alias Craig Walker, Thierry Fournié, S. Armelle and Damien Li.

Walker made his name in Irish indie rockers Power Of Dreams and then trip-hop act Archive, who were huge in France. With Mineral, Craig teamed up in 2012 with three of the finest musicians in Paris to create a widescreen musical canvas in keeping with the best in French music (Air, Daft Punk) while hinting at soundscapes from around the globe. They’ve even recorded a telling cover of My Bloody Valentine’s ‘When You Sleep’.

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Their musical influences are legion, reflecting the band’s distinct four personalities, but they include 60s lysergic pop, the new wave (both of the French and the punk-era variety) and shoegazing. Their favourite bands include Metronomy, Dirty Projectors and MGMT (Thierry), Grandmaster Flash, The Smiths and Dionne Warwick (Craig). As a result, their music has both dark and light, romantic and psychedelic. Their songs evoke the themes of loneliness, love between passion and hate or the absurd and rebellion. 

Founding members Craig and Thierry are the two main composers, one directing most melodies, the other the music and production. Sophie brings her voiceprint plus ideas for lyrics and melodies, Damien makes the mix. In this sense, Mineral is totally autonomous and independent in the creative process. Pre-order their debut record Plastic Ekphrastic here.

The first wave of artists for 359 Music were announced with a video teaser for Mineral’s track ‘Atoms’, a 13-minute magnum opus which has already attracted interest worldwide. On Saturday July 27th, Mineral perform at Cabaret Frappé Festival in Grenoble, France.

Music is the only true source of pleasure, life without music is an error, work, exhausting, an exile.”

F. Nietzsche

Plastic Ekphrastic is scheduled for release on October 28th, and you can pre-order the lead single “Serial Monkey” on iTunes here and on 7″ here. Find Mineral on:


Catch Mineral live at one of the dates below:

(Click on the date for ticket info)

9th Nov 2013 –  This feeling, London, UK  (along with John Lennon McCullagh & Chris Grant)
19th Nov 2013 Grand Marais, Riorges, FR 
20th Nov 2013 – Salle le Ciel, Grenoble, FR
22nd Nov 2013Galerie Estace, Paris, FR
23rd Nov 2013 – Galerie Estace, Paris, FR
5th Dec 2013 – Flamingo, Bruxelles, BE (FREE)
8th Dec 2013L’entrepôt, Arlon, BE 

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