Gun Club Cemetery

I never knew Alex wrote ballads till last year – it’s interesting musically, his journey. They’re very big and beautiful songs, which is a hard thing to create. For an ex-boxer, he writes great ballads.
Alan McGee

Gun Club Cemetery love their good old-fashioned, down and dirty guitar music but like the bands who have inspired them – The Faces and The Stones among others – they can also turn their hands to a sensitive, heart-rending piano ballad. The band are fronted by Perth-based ex-Hurricane #1 singer Alex Lowe (vocals and guitar), alongside Mancunian Nick Repton (bass), who’d previously played with Bonehead in The Vortex, and Colin Ward from Nottingham (drums). The band formed just over a year ago.

For Alex, it’s the chance to be back where he belongs, fronting a no-frills, no-nonsense rock and roll band. “It feels amazing. I really like playing solo, but to be on stage with a group of friends is the best feeling in the world,” he says. “I want Gun Club Cemetery to be a great band and to stick together through thick and thin. I just want to make it work, make some cool records and get out on the road.”

IMG_20130611_105808     Gun Club Cemetery - s/t

Gun Club Cemetery have started to get a little following together on Twitter, The Moons again, and Little Barrie, they’ve got some good singles. They’re the bands I’m backing“.
Sir Bradley Wiggins

“I met Alex a few years back and we kept in touch by email for four years,” explains Nick. “I moved to Greece then came back after Alex decided to form Gun Club Cemetery. I was instantly hooked on Alex’s music. Then we drafted Colin, in someone I’d known for a few years.” GCC have already kicked up a storm with a self-produced digital EP and despite having been holed up in the studio for yonks, they have attracted praise from the great and the good. Their forthcoming self-titled album for 359, due out in November, boasts some infectious retro guitar grooves, with an occasional nod towards the likes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Alex’s new-found love of Americana – Townes Van Zandt, Tom Petty, 50’s rockabilly, The Buffalo Killers – can also be heard in GCC’s music.

Gun Club Cemetery are a cool new combo, with one of my fave singers and my fave bass players. I’d definitely put some of my hard-earned wedge on them being the ones to kick the British scene’s back doors in over the coming months. Lock up your daughters. And your wives!
Clint Boon

Gun Club Cemetery is scheduled for release in November and you can digitally pre-order the lead single. “Needle Aside” on iTunes here. Find them on:

9 thoughts on “Gun Club Cemetery

  1. Lovin the art work and the music GCC are gonna be big time …. Backing them all the way Steve Repo Nicks big bro!

  2. Good luck with Gun Club Cemetery Alex. We met back in ’97 at the Glasgow Garage, when I worked for CPL… Good times 🙂

    Alicia xx

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